iPod Video or Nano?

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(Oops, I meant to title this "iPod Classic or Nano.")

Hey thar,

I'm looking to replace my iPod (I had a 60GB Vid that got stolen), and I was wondering whether I should get a Classic or Nano.

I've read threads in the past making fun of Nanos and saying they're nothing but a $200 dollar paperweight because they break so easily. But that was two years ago. I'd think any durability issues would be solved by now. Right? (Of course anything will last longer if you take care of it, which I will.)

I like all the space that the Classics have. And definitely the video. But now that the Nanos have video I'm looking twice at them, and they are mighty cute! The size seems very convenient (and more accessories for Nanos?), and I like the color choice too. It's just the space thing that I don't like. I had my 60GB for two years and only used 2 GB of that. But I like having the extra space just in case (say if I want to use the it as a harddrive).

I don't know. Which do you think is better?


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    If you only used 2GB then it's unlikely you're a music buff. 8GB should be plenty for you, I'd think.

    Get the Nano. In addition to being smaller, they're cheaper, more durable, have better menu performance and game playing control reliability, and you can also use them for running or working out.

    That said, I am a music buff and couldn't exist with less than 100MB of space for music and a few videos. I got a 160GB Classic and I love it.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    Seems like an easy choice for you: Nano. I bought one at the beginning of the year, and it's awesome.
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