my experience with the apple video issue!

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Hello Everyone!

I am new to the forum but not to the apple video issue! My shop fixes a ton of mother boards every week, on the board level. To be honest, we have found many mistakes apple has made in the design and manufacture of the logic boards in almost all of the apple laptop and desk top line.

The point is, this issue, causes all kinds of screwy things to go wrong. We traced it back to a usb/firewire problem, video issues, power issues, and more.

we have helped save many people from theapple stores mistakes.

I was wondering if anyone in here has video issues or the problems listed above. I may be able to help someone sort it out!

I believe we have done some apple logic board repair for people in here, IIRC.

Anyway, this is just a heads up incase you are having some of the issues above.


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    EDIT: I didn't realize you were spamming us with your company. Geeze at least if you wanted to get business maybe you'd explain what you offer. No-one here is going to mail you their MacBook Pro. Maybe you should also let people know it's Florida on the front page. Otherwise nobody knows that you don't make housecalls to Argentina

    I believe you are referring to the "penryn" graphics bug that existed since they shipped. Just to be clear this bug also affects "Santa Rosa" MacBook Pro 15" & 17" inch.

    1 ) Leopard Graphics Update made it worse.

    2 ) On Santa Rosa MacBook Pros, it causes a unrecoverable hard freeze

    3) Happens more often with external displays like the 30"

    4) Is not because of heat, though it can appear that way because it triggers when the GPU is under heavy load

    5) Apple won't acknowledge it

    6) My friends at Apple have the same problem with their 2.2ghz notebooks

    7) I literally put 3 MacBook Pros under my desk until Apple can fix the issue. It's worthless for someone on a 30" display + working in photoshop all day.

    Very frustrating bug, Apple lets have some acknowledgement, I've got $8k in paperweights... well if you use Windows it's no problem...
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