iPod Touch.. camera?

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I've been torn between getting the iPhone and the iTouch for.. well a while. Both have their pros and cons and what not. I am leaning towards getting a touch, but the major draw back from that is the lack of a camera.

Yeah. I know, its an iPod not an iPhone but does anyone think it is possible they will add a camera. If not, I guess I will sign two years of my life away to At&t... \


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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    Tough call, because I could see how it might be useful considering the web-capabilities of the Touch. My gut feeling is that a camera will not make its way to the Touch in the near term.

    I do find it interesting that you're hinging on the camera as the reason to go for the iPhone. Out of curiosity, why is this the deal-breaker for you? (what applications are you hoping to have for a camera-on-an-iPod?)
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    cuspcusp Posts: 8member
    Well it just seems like I am always in need of a camera. My phone (sidekick 3) has a camera, but the quality is so grainy, you cant tell what the picture is. I own a digital camera, but I never have it with me when I need to take a quick picture of something, mostly because my pockets can only hold so much.

    I always have my ipod on me (I already have a 80 gig 5 generation ipod that works perfectly fine) My phone is also always on me as well, and besides the camera, I am happy with it.

    So basically I would be totally fine keeping my original phone that works fine and replacing my ipod with the touch and use it for simple picture taking and wifi web browsing and such, (ex. taking a picture of my dog and sending it as an email, nothing special) The camera would be the deciding factor that would justify me purchasing a new ipod in other words.

    But, if the touch doesnt get a camera, I would be fine buying an iPhone. I just really dislike at&t and I dont like the fact that you are locked in to a 2 yr agreement and still paying $399+ for a phone. \ (and I dont think you get insurance on it, but the person I asked may have been wrong?)
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