Airtunes - but it works only wired...

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Here's my network setup:

WRT54GL - router and central wireless access point

Airport Express - wirelessly connected to the WRT54GL in Client mode for use as an airtunes speaker client

G4 Titanium Powerbook - connected via Airport

Mac Mini - connected via Airport

Starting with the Powerbook, iTunes connects without any trouble to the Airport Express and streams music.

On the MacMini, however, iTunes recognizes the Airtunes speakers, i can choose them but can't establish the streaming connection.

So: the wireless connection works on the Powerbook, but it does not work on the Mini (even if the powerbook is shut down).

To add even more confusion: if i connect the mini via cable to the WRT54GS, Airtunes works! So: establishing a Airtunes connection directly from the Mini via Airport does not work, but using the WRT54GS instead of the onboard Airport card does work. Any other wireless connection on the Mini works without any trouble. What may be wrong with my Airtunes network?
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