Audio Editor & CD Burning

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I recently purchased a Zoom H2 portable recorder for recording my band's rehearsals and shows. I have been importing the audio into Pro Tools to edit out the breaks between songs and cut it one large file into a file for each song. I then have to export the files into itunes to burn a cd for bandmates. I'm just wondering if there is a program out there that I can use to burn the files directly and add in where I want the cd tracks to change so that song 1 is track 1, song 2 is track 2 etc. The way I am doing it now is pretty inelegant.


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    I'm not too familiar with Garage Band, but I believe it'll do part of what you want. Once imported to iTunes a collection of songs can be grouped together as an album and you can assign them track numbers (Get Info for a track or group of tracks) for easy burning.
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