Apple mail 1.3 and gmail PLEASE HELP!!

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Hi All,

I just bought a g4 imac for my dad and am trying to set up apple mail for him with his gmail account. I have tried everything and I keep gettin this error no matter if it's set for POP or IMAP.

Applemail 1.3.11 Panther 10.3.9

Please help a brother out (read: begging)..

Error message :

The POP server ? is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the ?Incoming Mail Server? field. If it still doesn?t respond, the server might be temporarily unavailable.

If you continue, you may not be able to receive any email.


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    I did a test with my .mac account and it worked perfect. Does this mean gmail will not work with apple mail 1.3?

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    Make sure you've got POP enabled in Gmail. Log into Gmail, go to settings/preferences and ensure it's on.
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    haro!haro! Posts: 32member
    My unscientific experience:

    I don't think GMail POP ever worked for Mail 1.3

    They seem to have no longer use the same setup for Mail 2.whatever, since I just went back to Tiger and I can't send mail from Mail, but I can receive it....
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