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I've searched google and this forum, but I haven't seen a clear answer on this. I'm assuming it's no, but thought I'd ask.

A friend of mine had an iphone and somehow ended up with two (he was supposed to send one back to apple but waited too long or something so he was charged for it anyways, but he ended up having an extra iphone he didn't need) and sold the extra one to me (actually it was my other friend, but to keep this simple I'll say me).

Anyways, I currently have cingular/at&t service with a nokia phone and want to get the info from that phone onto the iphone. Here's my question

1) the iphone didn't come w/a sim card, so putting mine in from the nokia phone isn't working. Do I have to unlock the iphone to get this to work even though it's still at&t or does the iphone have a special sim card that won't let others in it at all.

2) if the iphone needs it's own special sim card, how do i go about getting that since I just want to upgrade phones. Also, what's the easiest application to do a transfer of contacts/info from the nokia sim card to the iphone sim card assuming I have to get one of those.



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    Perhaps someone knows of a FAQ or something they could just point me to on the iphone sim card?

    I'm giving him his iphone back today so I guess it's no big deal, but now I'm curious as to the process for putting another at&t sim card into the iphone (I know I've done this w/other phones and since that's the point of sim cards I'm not sure why the iphone is rejecting it).

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    The iPhone has to be activated first. And that can only be done (for a US number) through iTunes, with an AT&T sim card.

    Once the phone is activated, you can then switch sim cards (with, perhaps, limited functionality.) I used to use a Netherlands SIM card in my iPhone when I was traveling over there. It would not access data functions though; only worked as a phone on their network, but gave me a local number to use while I was there. (Usually to call the hotel to get directions back there )
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