Finally a computer problem that's nice to have: too much choice

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I don't know about the rest of you, but Apple's line-up is just so good, I really don't know what to replace my Mac Book Pro with.

Six months ago my automatic choice would have been another Mac Book Pro, but then I started using an iPhone, so the need for portability went away.

I thought an iMac would be ideal, because it combined a generous screen with a small form factor. Then Apple came out with the revised Mac Pro, and i thought if i'm going to get a desk top machine, then I might as well go the whole hog, and get the Mac Pro with a 30-inch cinema screen.

Just as i was thinking through this, the MacBook Air was launched, and I thought: man, gotta have one of those babies, because it totally redefines the words ultra and portable. With its SSD hard drive and Time Machine who needs a desk top anyway.

Then there is talk of brand new aluminium MacBooks and MacBook Pros expected to arrive in June, along with a 3G iPhone, so I'm right back where I started.

Just when i was thinking of replacing my existing iPhone with the 3G model, there's talk aplenty about a new Newton or MacTouch device.

The truth is, I would be happy with any one of these machines. It isn't about form factor at the end of the day, in other words it's not the cage but the cat that roars inside it. I guess i'll take anything so long as it's Leopard.

In 30 years of business, I've never seen anything like Apple's new product momentum. it is mindblowing.


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    The Mac Pro is nice. Too bad normal people don't have three grand to blow on one.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,268member
    Apple's lineup is pretty solid.

    Though at the risk of beating a dead horsey. A low cost tower would be nice. Hell I'd love to see a $1499 Mac Pro.

    I like the laptop lineup. I think the 13" screen size is perfect for the MacBook. I'd like to see it move to one color.

    The iPhone is nice and hell a Apple UMPC or Tablet would be nice as well for the future but Apple's sitting nicely with their current product mix.
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    1) How long do you want to wait? _ Are you in good health? _ Will you always be in good health? _ Good eyesight? _ No arthritus, no disabling pain?

    2) How are your finances? _ Do you have a nest egg for retirement, a 401K, a medical expenses fund? _ Home/life/property insurance? _ ATMs don't work in a blackout.

    3) Got kids? _ Do they appreciate the word "expensive"? _ What about "college"?

    4) Home paid off? _ Car paid off? _ Planning to travel? Can't take a Mac Pro on the yacht.

    5) Married? Asthetics are important - the significant other might hate black or metal.

    6) Battery backups, surge protectors, proper wiring - lightning doesn't just kill people.

    7) Usage - need RAM for Photoshop, HDD for video, DirectX 10 for good gaming, etc.

    ---- If you can answer yes to most of the above, then splurge accordingly...
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    sennensennen Posts: 1,465member
    Originally Posted by DOSbox-gamer View Post

    ---- If you can answer yes to most of the above, then splurge accordingly...

    bitter, no?
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