I?m glad I didn?t waste money on Psystar

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This is an article by Adrian Kinglsey Hughes on the Psystar OpenComputer.



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    samnuvasamnuva Posts: 225member
    I'm really Suprised apple legal hasn't jumped on this. It seems to run rather well (exept fan and DHCP)
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    Originally Posted by Samnuva View Post

    It seems to run rather well (exept fan and DHCP)

    That's like saying it would great to be gay if only you could avoid the anal sex.

    The fan and DHCP dropping make this machine almost unusable. Not to mention the installer issue. Like they said in the article, if you're going to build a Mac clone, at least do it properly.

    Hopefully future revisions will correct these issues. What I really hope is that more companies start doing this and then they can work out which components work best.

    Sadly by the time all this happens, we'll be on quad-core mobiles with 8600M GT chips all round and who's going to take a second look at a mid-tower? This should have been attempted almost as soon as OS X Intel came out and by now we'd all have the Mac we really want instead of Apple now thinking that their AIO idea was the right way to go.

    My graphic designer friend now has dead pixels on his £1500 iMac outside of warranty and despite being happy with the machine spec, is pretty unhappy with the AIO idea now. He can't even send it away for repair as he can't do without his machine for work. He says he would have bought a tower like the Psystar given the choice. The Mini spec wasn't enough HD space wise and bumping up the spec + display made it more expensive than the iMac so he had little choice but to get one.

    Apple trading respect for profit is not something I like to see.
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