After transferring music library to new mac, error messages on each sync

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Ever since transferring all my data from an old Mac to a new Mac (via Migration assistant), I am getting the following errors each time I attempt to sync my ipod:

Initially, "Importing itunes music library.xml" progress box pops up while syncing occurs.

After that process is complete, I get "The file iTunes Library does not appear to be a valid iTunes Library file. iTunes has attempted to recover your iTunes library and renamed this file "iTunes Library (Damaged)."

Then with the next sync (without having closed iTunes first), I get:

"podcasts on the ipod cannot be synced because all of the podcasts selected for syncing no longer assist"

Each time I relaunch iTunes, this process repeats itself.

Any suggestions how to fix this? Other than the pod casts, I think everything ultimate is syncing okay.

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