System will not boot.

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This has been an on and off again problem for about 6 months.

One of my workstations is an Apple MacBook Pro that I use for software compatibility tests. I would VM the OS X and test things that way(that's how I do it for all the other platforms I test for), but I can't because OS X only runs on a Mac!


After I test software I run it through a custom platform performance utility to verify it works somewhat consistent across platforms the software is written for.

The problem is for the past six months, this machine has booted up very unreliably. I often get the boot screen stuck on the spinning circle. Occasionally it will get into the login screen but ultimately lag and then halt there after. In all cases the system fans go full throttle as the system gets into some sort of infinite loop.

Re-installing is not an option as there is too much of value on the machine. An upgrade install didn't work. (well it worked, but returned to a similar state shortly after.)

Ideally I'd like one of the two solutions:

1) The ability to run OS X in a snapshot mode in a virtual machine. Thus there would be no problem testing my deliverables.

2) A machine that boots! (unlikely.. something is very wrong with it)


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    It sounds like the boot directory is rather screwed up and in need of repair. You can try doing this via the Install DVD and running disk utility from that to see if it finds anything and should be able to repair it depending on how bad the problems maybe.

    Failing that is could be a failing HD or even worse logic board.

    Also if you can get it to boot try using a freeware app called MainMenu and run all the options to clean all user & system caches, temporary files, font caches, launchd db, etc this has a habbit of clearing a build up of files which can cause system related issues.
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    Well I ran the disk check and a slew of filesystem errors came up.

    I am glad HFS+ has the data integrity of FAT.

    Now I have to sort through the disk to get the stuff I can get off of it and hope it doesn't fail again.
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