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Okay, so we all knew about Puma, Cheetah, and such.

Some of us even knew that Kodiak was the codename for the Public Beta.

But did you know that the three developer releases before that were, in order, Beaker, Bunsen, and Gonzo?

And an alternate codename for Rhapsody was Teflon? (As well as the Hera and Atlas build distinctions...)

It's amazing what one finds when dumpster diving in the CVS directories for Darwin.


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I didn't feel like posting an entire thread on this, but:

    I think Apple's going to get away from numbers in their naming scheme. I think OS X will remain under that name, and future releases will be the "code name" they give them.

    "Now available, OS X Jaguar"

    "Coming soon, OS X Congo" (or whatever)

    That seems confusing enough.
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    retroneoretroneo Posts: 240member
    OS X Builds

    Mar 1998

    \tTitan 1P

    \tTitan 1Q

    Apr 1998

    \tTitan 1S

    Jul 1998

    \tAtlas 1J

    \tAtlas 1K

    Aug 1998

    \tAtlas 1S

    Nov 1998

    \tAtlas 1Y


    Feb 1999

    \tHera 1L

    Mar 1999

    \tHera 1O

    Apr 1999

    \tBeaker 1L

    Aug 1999

    \tBeaker 2I

    \tBeaker 2K

    Sep 1999

    \tBeaker 2L

    \tBeaker 2J

    \tBeaker 2M

    \tBeaker 2N

    Oct 1999

    \tBeaker 2O

    \tBeaker 2P


    Mar 2000

    \tGonzo 1F

    Apr 2000

    \tGonzo 1I

    \tGonzo 1J

    May 2000

    \tKodiak 1B

    June 2000

    \tKodiak 1C

    \tKodiak 1D

    July 2000

    \tKodiak 1E

    Aug 2000

    \tKodiak 1H\t\t<-- Mac OS X Public Beta

    Sep 2000

    \tCheetah 1B

    Nov 2000

    \tCheetah 1D\t?

    \tCheetah 4E\t?

    \tCheetah 4G

    \tCheetah 4H

    Dec 2000

    \tCheetah 4I

    \tCheetah 4J


    Jan 2001

    \tCheetah 4K\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.0

    Mar 2001

    \tCheetah 4L\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.0.1

    Apr 2001

    \tCheetah 4P\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.0.2, 10.0.3

    \tPuma 5A

    \tPuma 5B

    May 2001

    \tCheetah 4Q\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.0.4

    \tPuma 5C

    Jun 2001

    \tCheetah 4R\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.0.4 (Release 2)

    \tPuma 5D

    \tPuma 5E

    \tPuma 5F

    Jul 2001

    \tPuma 5G\t\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.1

    Oct 2001

    \tPuma 5L\t\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.1 (Security Update)

    \tPuma 5M\t\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.1.1

    Nov 2001

    \tPuma 5P\t\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.1.2

    \tJaguar 6A

    Dec 2001

    \tPuma 5Q\t\t\t<-- Mac OS X 10.1.3, 10.1.4

    \tJaguar 6B


    Jan 2002

    \tPuma 5R

    Mar 2002

    \tJaguar 6C
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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    Was Orient just a total work of fiction by the rumor mills, or is it actually the next step after Jagwire?
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