Apple smart. Buy Sun now!

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Isn't it about time for Apple to do the "right" thing

and acquire Sun Microsystems?

I mean Sun's Mkt Cap = 10.34 Billion dollars. Apple's got that in cash and few companies will have such a cadre of experienced employees and lots of IP.

The company cultures would mesh well. In fact much better than an Adobe/Apple pairing would.

Apple would go from

"Well they might be Enterprise Ready" to "Ok we're ready..who do we attack next?"

This would allow Apple to maintain Solaris as the Enterprise Ready Unix and leave OS X so glossy and "lickable" but allow Sun to do the heavy lifting and attack the Enterprise.

Here's the kicker. In a couple of years all new Sun server gear would support virtualization of OS X as well. Bye Bye Xserve hello UltraSPARC.

Also think about the software.





VirtualBox Virtualization (which just came out with a free beer version that runs well)

I think both companies could form a nice synergistic duopoly. OS X as the more consumer version of Unix...Solaris as the "Gray Flannel Suit" Unix for stodgy corporate types.

Folks the writing is on the wall. Apple has probably 5 more years of tying OS X to a single hardware platform. By 2012 consumers will be demanding virtualized environments where they can run any OS. The change is happening now.

Apple can't and won't develop the type of assetts that Sun has right now and if they tried it'd cost more than 10 Billion IMO
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