iTunes France TV job; .Mac refresh rumor; NYC shortages return



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    .Mac still doesn't provide enough value to bother getting an account. Haven't renewed since one year after they changed it from iTools.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    There will little no debate that iCal, .Mac, and .Mac's integration with iCal, but the excuse is not lame. Razorpit was wondering about the specific usage info and the interaction of a less used app and an even lesser used service, but asked an in-store sales rep (who are usually not very technical) about it. But he asked a loaded question without any detail in a closed-ended form. While I don't think the rep would have known the answer, Razorpit didn't word his question in a way that could possibly be understood by the rep the way he wanted.

    It sucks when sales rep aren't very knowledgeable about a product or service but "them's the breaks". Luckily, we have this glorious internet which allows us to research anything we want before buying. There is no reason why we shouldn't be educated before we make a major purchase.

    I know, how silly of me to assume that I could add or edit information online in my own calender or address book.
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