3g iPhone Update

in iPhone edited January 2014
As the launch date continues to get a bit closer for the much anticipated hardware update to the iPhone, I wanted to share some thoughts around the recent rumors that have circulated.

On April 3rd, an article with a picture of the back of an iPhone was released here: http://www.ipodobserver.com/story/35386. As we all are aware, mock ups are a very popular pass time for some of our artistic brethren around the time of new Apple product launches. No different than any predecessors, this photo took its share of scrutiny.

However, another photo/series of sketches were release under different sources on April 30th that show surprising similarities and I wanted to get your thoughts. Here is the ilounge thread http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/bac...er-new-iphone/

First, review the iLoung sketches and focus on the images that show the bottom profile of the iPhone - where the microphone is located. The sketches show the current version, which contain numerous holes (vented) and the "future version" below, which show only two holes on each side of the dock port.

Now look back at the iPod observer article and focus at the bottom of the iPhone. It is not easy, but you can see that the profile of this image seems to match the "future version" sketches in the previous article. To add more fuel to the fire, AT&T's website has made mention of an "iPhone Black" model, which we all know does not exist today.

Maybe these are more than mock ups? There sure seems to be an increasing amount of evidence. Coincidental? I guess we will find out soon.

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