Converting to MAC! Looking for Mac equiv. programs similar to Sound Forge & Acid Pro!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
So I just bought my MacBook Pro last year, and divided it 1/2 Windows 1/2 Mac -- I finally decided that I can't deal with Windows anymore..the viruses, spyware, and poor performance in general -- Only thing is I have to say bye bye to the 2 digital audio programs I've been using to make CHEERLEADING music for the past 5 years - SOUND FORGE (to cut my songs) and ACID PRO (to mix them) -- I already contacted SONY, and they don't currently offer any audio programs for Mac..The woman actually got a bit feisty when I asked them to re-consider =)

Anyway, to match SOUND FORGE, I've been playing around with Wave Pad, Audacity, and Twisted Wave..they all kinda do the trick, but it just doesn't seem to be enough -- The most important things I liked about SOUND FORGE were: 1) use of markers 2) being able to zoom in & out of the sound file with the scroll wheel on my mouse 3) having the freedom to drag & drop -- I found that using the zoom tool within any project, made cutting music twice as long..and some programs just don't support my scroll wheel, nor the drag & drop concept.

To match ACID PRO, I've been playing around with Reason, & Ableton Live, but they almost seem TOO pro for me..I don't even understand half of what they do. The most important quality about ACID PRO was it's loop based technology -- I loved being able to find a cut (previously created with Sound Forge) within the project browser, and tell Acid to read it as a loop (and the # of beats, depending on its length) or as a one shot. This automatic time-stretching/tempo-matching concept, & straight-forwardness is what I loved most about ACID -- It's like music for dummies!! Pick, Paint, & Play..not to mention, unlimited tracks & cross-fading is a plus+++

For some reason, I just can't find my happy medium -- all the suggested Mac equivalent programs for Sound Forge just aren't enough, while all the suggested mac equivalent DAW programs for Acid Pro are just TOO much for what I'm looking to do. I'm not looking to rival Tiesto, or Louie Devito -- They inspire me very much to someday be a DJ..but for now I just gotta keep making cheerleading music. As long as I can cut, copy, manipulate my own loops, & have fun...I'm happy. I'm a little resistant to try Logic Pro because I think it might be too similar to Garageband...but does anybody recommend Soundtrack Pro? I know it's mainly for video & audio integration, but I heard it's the closest you can get to Acid Pro.

Sorry for my life story, legit...but please...any help?!?!?! I'm about ready to start a petition for SONY to make their products support mac!!!! THANKS =)


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