Porting family plan w/ more than 1 area code

in iPhone edited January 2014
So heres my situation:

I have a family plan with t-mobile, 3 lines are local, the 4th is out of state, as I went to school out of state. We were all ready to switch to AT&T, and I would buy the 3G iphone when it came out. Then they tell us that AT&T doesnt allow phone numbers from different markets on the same family plan.

I've had this number for 7 years, so everyone I've ever given it to has this number, and I'm hellbent on keeping it. They were more than happy to sell me my own separate plan to retain my number, otherwise their solution was to get a new number and change my voicemail recording on my old number to direct people to the new number, which is a pretty [email protected]$$ed solution. If people calling me are anything like me, they hang up as soon as it goes to voicemail.

Anyway, heres what I'm thinking:

Port the 3 local numbers to AT&T on a family plan, initially with 3 lines. Then I buy my iphone and activate it via itunes using the option to add a line to an existing plan.

Does itunes give you the option to port a number when you select this option? And will the itunes zipcode workaround even work in this situation I describe?

Does anyone have any other ideas that theyre reasonably certain would work?


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