Quicklook freezes my system when viewing multiple images

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

It only seems to happen with new images. For example, if you copy a new group of images to your computer, select all of the images in the folder (Command+A), then use space bar to activate quicklook on the images. I don't remember if it's using quicklook on the images or actually attempting to view the thumbnail sheet for all of the selected images that causes the problem, but once the system freeze occurs, I am unable to do anything short of a hard reboot.

I spoke with an Apple rep and they said that Apple is updating "something with the graphics system" with the next update.

I just wanted to see if this was a widely-occurring issue. I am running OS X 10.5.2 on a MacBook Pro 2.2GHz Santa Rosa with 4GB of ram and a 200GB 7200rpm drive.



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    An update to this issue: I decided on Tuesday that I would like to speak to an Apple Genius about this issue, so I scheduled an appointment for yesterday. When I got to the Apple store, they sat me down at the Genius bar and asked what was wrong with the computer. So I went on to show them the error with quicklooks. The guy initially said right away that it was my computer. That wasn't a good enough answer for me, so he brought out an external drive with Leopard 10.5.1 loaded on it and we booted into that. The issue was gone. For amusement sake, I asked if we could try to replicate the issue on one of the MacBook Pros on the floor that had 10.5.2 and the error occured again.

    It appears that this issue affects only MacBook Pros running 10.5.2 as we tried it on an iMac running 10.5.2 and it did not occur. I'll wait to see if 10.5.3 fixes the error, but it's odd that everything worked fine in 10.5.1. Apple needs to get their QA process ramped up a bit.
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