MacBook: Warped Screen?!?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
OK, I've had my brand new macbook for just over two weeks now. Initially, it was so beautiful, I was too scared to even touch it. The gorgeous screen, flawless keyboard and all of a piece black design left me mesmerized.

In the intervening two weeks however, I've had a series of minor problems, which all added up, are frustrating me, this loyal mac user. The bluetooth connection doesn't work, the fan blows ALL the time, and I believe as a result of the former, THE SCREEN HAS WARPED. The warping is subtle (I believe it is in the middle bottom of the screen where the fan blows out the heat), but nonetheless it detracts significantly from my ownership experience.

Is there cause to return the computer, or at least get the screen fixed? This computer's not DOA, not by a long stretch, but why does my 'book have to be cursed so? What's my next move?
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