My iPhones camera quit working!!

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My 16GB iPhones camera just quit working. I was on a week long trip where I took 600 pictures, and after I came home, I uploaded all the pictures into iPhoto, erased them off the iphone, and set my phone down to rest for several days. (I just didn't happen to go anywhere).

A few days later, I pick up my phone, and just for fun I snap a couple pictures of my room. The first picture took a long time to take (as usual), but the subsequent shots were snapped extremely quickly.. unusually so. So I hit the button at the bottom left side of the camera screen, and the "camera roll" is pulled up, but instead of the pictures that I took, there are empty white squares. When I clicked one of them, it took me back to the home screen. I went into "photos" and "camera roll" was empty. It said "You can take photos using the camera."

It somehow lost the ability to take a photo and keep it. Those white squares show that it has some sort of idea of what it was supposed to do, but it doesn't actually save the picture or something.

First, I turned the phone off and turned it back on. No change.

Then, I reset the phone. No change.

Then, I plugged it into my computer and restored it. No change.

What now?


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    A second restore fixed it....

    I don't trust apple anymore.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    And now you want a cookie?
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    Not yet. The camera stopped working again.

    After the second restore, I took a few pictures Before syncing it with my iphone backup, and then after the sync, the camera still worked. Then I deleted all the pictures I took, and now it won't work anymore.

    I take a picture, and if I go into "photos" the camera roll is still empty. And when I hit the "camera roll" button at the bottom left of the camera screen, it pulls up a screen with hollow shells where the pictures should be, which cause a crash back to the main menu if pressed.
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    Alright, so here's what happens now.

    Right after a restore (before the re-sync with the backup), the camera works. I can take pictures, and they actually show up in the camera roll on the iPhone.

    If I take a picture then, before syncing the iPhone with the backup, then the phone will continue to be able to take pictures even after the sync, because there was already a picture in the camera roll.

    But after the phone is synced with my music, photos, movies, settings, etc.. if there are no pictures in the camera roll, the phone will not take pictures. The shutter screen will look as if it snapped a picture, but it won't show up in the camera roll.

    This means that when I import a group of photos, if I click "delete originals" then the phone will no longer take pictures without another restore. I have to always leave at least one picture in the camera roll.

    I want a new phone.
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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,757member
    Then take it to an Apple store and have it replaced. A friend of mine took his in because a certain picture file would crash his iPhone whenever he viewed it. The Apple Store people looked at it, verified the behavior and gave him a new phone. He was in and out in 10 minutes.
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