Powermac G4 won't turn on after unplugging in sleep mode

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A few days ago my G4 desktop was accidentally unplugged while it was still in sleep mode. This wasn't noticed until hours later, when I went to turn it on. Instead of the normal functioning computer, there was nothing. When I push in the button to turn it on, the light comes on, but fades off once the button is let go. I hoped it was some kind of fluke error, so tried a few times daily until today.

I'm hoping I won't have to take it in and get charged an arm and a leg for something which has a chance to be solved at home. Does anybody know what it is?

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    toymakertoymaker Posts: 30member
    From a G4 Power Mac troubleshooting guide:


    At startup, power-on LED and computer stay on only as long as button is held in; when button is released,LED goes off and computer powers down.


    Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver and QuickSilver 2002):

    1 Reseat the processor module.

    2 Replace the processor module.

    3 Replace the logic board.

    4 Replace the power supply.

    Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio):

    5 Replace the power supply.

    6 Reseat the processor module.

    7 Replace the logic board.

    8 Replace the processor module.

    To find out which model of PowerMac you have, go to www.apple.com/specs and on the right side there will be a "Find By Serial" search box. Enter your mac's serial number and it SHOULD tell you what model of G4 you have. I capitalized "should" because it doesn't always work, especially with older machines.

    In any case, neither of the above are user-serviceable options. I've seen one Mac with the symptoms you described, and it turned out to be a faulty power supply, which had fried the logic board, and consequently the cpu. I'm not saying that's definately the cause in your situation, but that's something I've seen.
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    drboardrboar Posts: 477member
    A dead battery in combination with an unplugging can result in a nostarter.

    I would replace the battery before trying more expensive stuff.

    Is it dead "Dead" when you start or is it that it does not boot even if the powersupply emits some sounds at least.??
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