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Ok, here's one for the truly knowledgeable:

I have web hosting through iPowerWeb, and edit my site in iWeb. I'd like to have comments on my pages. iPowerWeb has both phpBB and phpNuke and allows me to create MySQL databases. So the question is:

"Is there some way to incorporate a MySQL database into iWeb sites using an HTML snippet, or some such, so as to reproduce the comment functionality you get when hosting through .Mac?"

I should mention that though I have experience programming in C, C++, etc, I know nothing about MySQL or PHP. Not even really sure how the hell they work.

So, is it doable?




Yes, I know I can use Haloscan and I don't want to. The format is not what I'm looking for (popup windows? come on!).


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    celemourncelemourn Posts: 769member
    Oh, it's also got wordpress available, but no, I don't want to use that directly either. It can apparently do CGI, and PERL too. Though honestly I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to web stuff (beyond basic old school html anyway.)
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