Low end video camera w/iMovie 08?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I'm looking for a quick and dirty video camera. The Flip Ultra looks perfect, but I understand it doesn't work well with iMovie 08? I'm looking for something I can carry with me, shoot quick footage, throw into iMovie 08, maybe edit a bit or add a voiceover, and then push to YouTube. It'll be a godsend for the political campaign I'm working on.

But if the camera doesn't work with iMovie 08, which is what I'd like to use, then it's not much good to me, is it?

Has anyone used the Flip Ultra or a similar camera with a Mac? I'm on Leopard, up to date version. If the Flip Ultra isn't the right solution, is there a more Mac/iMovie-friendly camera I should be considering?

Thank you!
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