iTunes burning on macbook pro works on Vista

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I have a core duo macbook pro, i can burn just about anything on the cd player, except through iTunes because after 2 or 3 disks, it shows the famous (google it) laser calibration error. This is only through iTunes, especially burning audiobooks to cd.

however, my wife's $99 gpc from frys (running Vista) with a $39 burner while running iTunes can burn audiobook cd's all frakkin day long.

i'm not the only one and it isn't just the first macbooks, iMacs and recent models have the same issue. what's up with this?

Why is this so hard and even better, why the <eek> can't I burn the 5th cd of 5 of an audiobook instead of starting from disk ONE and failing on number 5 every single time?

Why (if OS X is intuitive) isn't this feature/basic necessity available?

Back to burning our road trip's audiobooks on Vista / iTunes because my (crapbook pro) is sucking at minor tasks beyond web browsing. as you can tell a simple task like burning an audiobook to disk is WORSE on my Mac than Vista for no apparent reason. And after google, I know its not just me.
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