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I'm finding a few irritating things with iTunes. I've only been using it for a few months so please excuse my ignorance if I ask no-brainer questions.

I notice that when I've ripped some CDs or imported some songs from my existing music library, iTunes either mis-organizes them or they end up as duplicate artist listings on my iPod. Examples...

1. Imported a CD and iTunes shows song 2 of 13 as the last song. It also shows this song in a separate, duplicate listing for the artist. Everything in the Info for all the songs (i.e. artist and album name, genre, track #) are correct.

2. I have imported a number of songs from artist and duplicate entries appear on my iPod's list of Artists, even though the info is all consistent and there is nothing in the way they show in iTunes that looks like the artist should be listed twice.

3. I added two complete albums to a playlist. They used to show as two seperate albums in the first screen for the playlist, but now all the songs from the two albums have been combined into one big song list. WTF happened?


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    Check your tags. You may have some stray blank spaces.
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    Originally Posted by Galley View Post

    Check your tags. You may have some stray blank spaces.

    I checked all that. Everything is consistent
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