Jason O'Grady is Still Alive! And He Has Tablet News!

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I must have given his Website (whatever it was) about a zillion hits with his "Incredible New Newton Just Around The Bend!" stories. Lots of details on stuff that never (apparently) existed.

Good times... \low accuracy.

Good bye, Mr. O'Grady....


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    futurepastnowfuturepastnow Posts: 1,772member
    Goodbye? If you expect accuracy in predictions, you're gonna be disappointed everywhere.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,749member
    Mac touch FTW!

    10" - 11"
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    olternautolternaut Posts: 1,376member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Mac touch FTW!

    10" - 11"

    You say it like a wimp!! This is how its done..........

    MACTOUCH FTW!!!!!! Booyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,510moderator
    If they include a DVD drive and GPS and the price is competitive, the MBA is toast.

    Perhaps it will be the MBA 2.0.
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    tailpipetailpipe Posts: 345member
    Jason O'Grady has no idea what NewTon Take 2 / MacBook Touch will be like. Neither have I. But synthesising various tidbits of informed speculation, checking on recent patents filed by Apple and simply watching where personal computer technology is headed, there are a few things we can surmmise without looking foolish.

    The MacTouch is not a replacement for MacBook Air.

    The MacTouch is very unlikely to have an in-built superdrive; if it has one at all, it will be the same attachable USB version that's available for the Air.

    The MacTouch will be a clamshell design with dual multi-touch screens. It will provide a customisable keyboard as well as a regular 8 or 9-inch screen. Unlike existing multi-touch systems, when you hit a key, you'll get a slight vibration feedback to indicate that the machine has received your input. The keyboard will not merely offer regular alphabet letters and numbers, but also a range os specific commands which are application specific.

    Like the 3G iPhone, the MacTouch will offer video calling and other telephonic functionality. GPS with a larger screen will make it a useful navigation device. You'll be able to send emails, watch movies, listen to music, manipulate photos and access all kinds of data via a simple and intuitive interface.

    What this machine is most likely to change is the way in which data is input into future computers. Sure voice recognition is on the horizon, but we're still a few chip generations away from truly reliable speech to text conversion. The keyboard as we know it and traditional touch typing could well be a thing of the past.

    The more I read about this product, the more certain I am that it is the next revolution in computing.
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