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People out there may think this is pointless, however just because there may be multiple topics about the same thing does not mean that automatic deleting of them (however long or short a time it may take) is the right thing to do. One topic does not apply to everyone, having a one size fits all policy is stupid i.e. just because someone may be more technical in their posts than others does not mean that someone else reading it will necessarily understand what is being said. Therefore if there is more than one topic about the same thing could you stop deleting them? It makes far more sense to have multiples topics applying to may people rather than blinding assuming that a single post will answer everyone's questions. Invariably it won't!

I had my topic deleted, it took 3 weeks but it was. I asked whether Macbooks etc were going to be upgraded and by proxy whether it is better to buy now or later (i.e. when I'm at uni.) Just because someone else had asked a similar question does not necessarily mean that that topic will answer my questions as I have different needs to the other person.


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    krispiekrispie Posts: 260member
    "whether it is better to buy now or later"

    But hundreds of people ask that question, and the correct answer is nearly always the same.

    If you need (or really want) it now, buy it now. Otherwise, wait.

    I'm all for deletion of such questions.

    What I want to know is why the site admins haven't put better spam protection in place, this forum doesn't really need loads of adverts about trainers.

    (Edit: Oops, just noticed that we're in "Future Hardware", and therefore this thread should be deleted too as it's off topic)
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    And wouldn't this particular post have been better in the "Feedback" section ?

    You tend to get more helpful responses and your thread is less likely to be deleted if you at least post in the proper section.
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