Overseas ipod power converter question and...

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Im going to Greece for four months next week, and Im interested in getting a power converter for my ipod. Will anyone do? Im looking at ones at Walmart and Target for example, and they say they will power most household products. Does anyone have any opinions or recommendations please? I just dont want to blow my Touch because the voltage in Greece is 220. I know I can charge in on my laptop, but I was looking for other options as well.

Also...I am currently using a iMac. I will be using my moms laptop in Greece, and that Windows. Is there any way I can use the Touch on it without having to delete all my files on my Touch? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    The wall charger that came with the ipod (and with macbooks/powerbooks) works with both 110 and 220 volt power.

    You only need an adapter with the proper "prongs" to fit into the wall socket for a 220v outlet.
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