Why Wont It Charge?

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Hey Guys, I have had my macbook pro for over a year now so no warranty. Anyway, the laptop just wont charge! I got a new battery a while back because the old one had broken then i got a new magsafe adapter because that broke too after about a year.

When i plug in the Magsafe and the macbook is off it flashes orange very lighty but the battery does not charge and has no green lights on anyway when i press the button. The computer knows the battery is there because when i take it out it shows the "x". When the macbook is on the charger shows no light and the battery icon has a wee plug in the middle.

Any ideas, this is a tricky one. Hav'nt saw it before...


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    toymakertoymaker Posts: 30member
    So it will run on only the battery, and it will run on only AC power, but it won't charge the battery, is that right?

    I'd be finding someone else with a MacBook Pro (with a working adapter and battery of course) and testing their own adapter and battery in your laptop, and your battery and adapter with theirs. That's the easiest way to find out if it's the battery or adapter, or if its an internal component.

    If it turns out to be internal, there's only a few things it can really be:

    -the I/O board (handles power distribution, audio ports and some USB, the board the adapter plugs into)

    -the Logic Board

    -cables that connect the two above

    If the adapter/battery swap doesn't work, you'd best take it to a repair shop to get it looked at. Hopefully it's the cables or the I/O board, as those are both quick and cheap to fix...well cheaper than logic board anyway.

    Without seeing your laptop, unless you've had it open and messing with the cables and connectors and such, I'm leaning towards the I/O board.
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