Learn to use Mac OS X programs?

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My mom is interested into learning how to use a computer. I've seen ads on TV for learning Windows software. Do they have any similar software programs like that to learn Mac OS X?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Not that I know of, for MacOS X. However, there are a few books that are good. Depending on where you live, there are usually classes available (in the Seattle area, The Computer Store at 45th and Roosevelt teaches classes that are pretty good - my mother went through one and liked it a lot.)

    Honestly, Windows users *NEED* as much auxiliary help as they can get - it's just a conceptually confusing system. MacOS X honestly is much cleaner conceptually than even MacOS 9 was. (Heck, my 86 year old great aunt has MacOS X down pat with almost no external help... a few basic concepts and she was good to go.)

    This is one of those infuriating situations...

    "I need a MacOS for Dummies book..."

    "There isn't one." (There is, but assume there isn't.)

    "What? Why should I buy a Mac then, if I can't get such obvious support texts?"

    Of course, the correct answer is "Cool, it's so easy to use, they didn't have to write one!", but that never occurs to folks.
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