macbook pro or macbook air

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in 3-4 years, should i get the macbook air or the macbook pro for a laptop in college.

i am guessing that if by then the air can be as fast as the macbook pro then yes, but what do u think


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    this is waaaaaay too early to even think about it. as long as they remain separate lines, the air will always be slower than the macbook, and the macbook slower than the macbook pro. if you mean to say that if the air will be as fast then as the pro is today, then you're right, it definitely will be. however, compared to it's future peers, it will still be and feel much slower.

    that's all the help i can give you; i'll let the other users berate you with flames.
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    futurepastnowfuturepastnow Posts: 1,772member
    Just start saving. It's gonna cost about $2000 either way.
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    elixirelixir Posts: 782member
    yeah, what a ridiculous way to look at it. 3-4 years so much can happen and change, wow.

    if the choice was right now i'd say a macbook pro. you'll need so many different things for college that a macbook air would be a hassle.
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    impetorimpetor Posts: 7member
    in 3-4 years there won't be macbook air or macbook pro. new names and completely new designs. jus save the money, it will cost a lot
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