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Now let me just start off by saying that I am sure that a question regarding this topic has probably been posted before...but I have searched through the forums and have been able to find an answer so I figured I would ask it myself and hope that someone might be able to help me hear it goes...

I have been using Visual Hub to convert some movies that I have so that it can play in iTunes, Apple TV, and Front Row. Once I finish the video conversion process, I import the movie into iTunes, right click on it and go through the process of properly entering in all the info needs and add the movie the problem is that it shows up in iTunes just fine...but when I go into Front Row, I see the title and all other info I entered in for the movie...but the artwork does not show. Instead all I see is the first frame of the movie...

Visual Hub converts the file into a .mov file so I am unable to add a preview.jpg of the artwork into a video ts folder so that it will show like I have seen some people suggest...

Does anyone know of any other way that I can fix this issue. It seems weird that if I find cover art for a album, that when I add it into iTunes that it shows up in Front Row, but won't when it comes to any kind of video file...I guess I just don't see how it would handle the 2 files any differently.

Please...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    parkyparky Posts: 383member
    It works OK for me adding artwork in iTunes, it is visible in Front Row for Movies.
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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    Try MetaX for tagging video.
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 718member
    Originally Posted by parky View Post

    It works OK for me adding artwork in iTunes, it is visible in Front Row for Movies.

    You are one of the rare ones. There are multiple discussions ongoing at about tons of guys not getting to be able to see movie artwork/covers in Front Row, since 10.5.0 to 10.5.6


    p.s. i am using metax too
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    Originally Posted by Galley View Post

    Try MetaX for tagging video.

    Nice find, thanks!
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