iMac goes Nuclear

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Yesterday my iMac (24" White, GF7600) exploded.

Yep it literally exploded. A loud bang, a bright white flash and then smoke coming out of it.

It didn't power off but continued to run so I shut it down.

I powered it back up again after it had cooled down and there was a buzzing noise for a couple of minutes then pop! and it was dead. (I later whipped the HDD out and made sure all of my files were backed up) couldn't see any scorch marks inside but I only went in as far as the HDD and not any deeper.

Any idea as to what blew up? The flash was on the left side of the iMac. Apple quoted a good 3 - 5 week turnaround on repair so this might be going through my insurance instead.


Never did find out which component blew up, but I have a brand new 3.06ghz iMac coming in the next week
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