Parallels and .iDisc

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I stumbled across this forum on a link (i think) from Howard Forums about an iphone post and thought this is great, maybe someone here can help me with my questions. My first post!

I am looking for an external online backup, primarily to backup some files off my MacBookPro. Now some of these files are windows files created in Parallels, I have two questions:

1) The files are stored on my "C" drive under "My Documents", but I cant find those files on my Mac HD. Where are they actually sored on the Mac, I cant back them up to an external source if I don t know where they are. Apple search does not find them when searching for them by name?

2) Assuming I can find them, would idisk support the backup of a windows file created by Parallels?Is idisk worth the money or are there better online back ups out there available?
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