Some help with Automator workflow

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Hello, my name is Mike and this is actually my first post regarding Automator. I am trying to accomplish something that will make my day a whole lot easier but I am having trouble because it is a rather tedious workflow. Ok, here is what I am trying to accomplish...I deal with a company that emails me over "work order" as an .htm attachment, I have to manually open this email and print every attachment. What i would like to do is have the email from this company filtered down, download the attachment to a file so it can be printed and then mark the email as read so when the next time I run this workflow it will only get the the unread mail and the process goes on. Here is what I have so far....

1-get specified mail items

2-display mail messages

3-filter mail messages

4-get attachments from mail messages

5-get folder contents

6-open finder items

That is the current workflow as it sits... some of the pitfalls I am running into is that the file is a .htm and must open with Safari. Next how can I create a script to delete the items from the designated folder as well as mark the ones in the inbox read ? Oh and sometimes when I run the current workflow i get the number of attachments in individual pages of Safari and sometimes it only wants to open the first attachment only.If anyone can give me some input with this it would be appreciated..


Mike Awad
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