UK Digital TV on ADC TFT Apple Displays?

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Has anyone got any ideas how to somehow connect a SCART plug (containing output from a PACE Digital TV adaptor) to a G4 PowerMac with an ADC TFT Apple Display?


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    peerpeepeerpee Posts: 44member
    Forgot to add that the G4 runs OS X 10.1.4 only... hence this thread being in this forum...

    I wondered if a PCI card with SCART socket would somehow allow the Digital TV output to be played on the desktop in OS X?

    Or maybe bypass the G4 completely and just display on the Apple Display?
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    fotek2001fotek2001 Posts: 41member
    You can get SCART to S-Video/Audio adaptors but I'm not sure how you get the S-Video to display on the screen of your Mac. I use this to watch DVDs from my Mac on a TV but I don't know how to make it work the other way around even though the SCART adapter works in both directions.

    The only thing I can suggest would need a lot of adaptors:

    SCART -> S-Video -> VGA -> DVI -> ADC

    I don't even know if any of these exist or if there are adaptors that would cover more than one of these steps.

    Have you thought about using a TV tuner card? If the box supports output of standard RF coaxial, you could just tune in to the box and watch it that way.
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    dalexdalex Posts: 4member
    [quote]Originally posted by Peerpee:

    <strong>Has anyone got any ideas how to somehow connect a SCART plug (containing output from a PACE Digital TV adaptor) to a G4 PowerMac with an ADC TFT Apple Display?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Have a look at the Formac studio, a bit expensive maybe but I think it may do what you want.

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    prestonpreston Posts: 219member
    The Formac has all sorts of hardware decoding crap on it that you dont seem to want.

    I guess your video card doesn't have video in? I dunno anything about SCART, but you should be able to get something that will do the job in a PCI card.
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    philrobinphilrobin Posts: 62member
    I am in the UK, and I have bought the Formac studio just for that same reason ; to get TV on my G4 Cube, running 10.1.4, with a 15 inch flat screen and the soundsticks.

    I am very happy about the result, I can get TV in a small window or full screen. With more that acceptable quality.

    The few quality problems are :

    - Sometime the sound get a bit metalic

    - Sometime the sound get out of sync whit the picture : workaround : switch off and on the digital settopbox

    - There are some funny pixels on the top and bottom of the picture.

    Never the less I would say I am very satisfied and I think those little problems will be corrected in the next verion of the software.

    You can record clips by the provided software or directly in iMovie.

    There is a tv and radio tuner included in the box that I do not use.

    The Formac studio can also get a movie from i movie and output it on the scart for you to record it on VHS for example.

    But it cannot mirror your screen to TV.

    Hope this helps.


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