Can you still publish a site to mobile me?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I just want some clarification on this, with .mac you could obviously publish a website to it, is this still possible with mobile me? The site and all info provided at this point makes no indication of it, but with 20 gigs of space you've got to be able to, because what happens to iweb and all the other site hosted by people's .mac? I'm gonna get a free mobile me, I don't have a .mac but if I'm gonna use it, it hinges on being able to host my site from it.

Anybody know?


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    I don't see why not.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,745member
    As far as I know when you open iWeb for the first time you are asked for .Mac name and password. Now you'll be asked for your Mobile me name and password. And within the file menu you can choose to publish to Mobile me or a folder for your own domain.

    Publishing to a non .Mac domain from iWeb now is still a pain in the ass. Apple could have made this a lot easier.
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    well, on the mobileme faq it says hosted websites will remain and will be accessible through or addresses. i'd assume they're going to continue to publish iweb sites through
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    YES. Apple has explicitly stated that mobile me will allow you to published webpages.
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