Safari appends template extension to Office docs downloaded off Gmail

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I got a free .Mac account through work recently and switched my primary browser to Safari, mostly to take advantage of the smooth bookmark syncing between my Macs at home and at work. However, I've noticed a strange behavior from Safari, at home and work, when I download Word or Excel docs that have been attached to messages in my Gmail account: When I download them, it will append the appropriate template extension to the document. So when I download Document.doc, I get When I download Spreadsheet.xls, I get Spreadsheet.xls.xlt.

I just tried downloading the same Word doc using both Firefox and Safari. Safari appended the template extension. Firefox did not. Has anyone encountered this before?


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    macvosmacvos Posts: 1member
    Same here, but not from gMail but from my webpages. I don't know where to change these settings. Maybe someone does??
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