Best Mac sync apps for Blackberry?

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Okay I got tired of waiting for the iPhone to be available on my carrier (TMobile) and was able to get a Blackberry Curve from them for about $100 with a 14 day guarantee to see if I like it. If I don't I get to send it back and cancel the data plan.

I was wondering what Mac syncing apps are out there that people like? I have heard of two and am mostly concerned about syncing iCal with my Blackberry. Any coments/complaints about syncing software would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Successful syncing begins and ends with Mark Space, those guys are good!:
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    4metta4metta Posts: 365member

    Yeah I went to the Mac Users section of the RIM forums and everybody is recommending The Missing Sync from them. Apparently the free RIM mac syncing software is pretty abysmal.

    GOOD NEWS (maybe): There is a strong rumor going round that new mac syncing software is being created by RIM.
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