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I am trying to get ready for the new 3G iPhone. I am trying to rip my current DVD catalog into iPhone movies. The question I have it what is the average file size that most of you have for your current movies on your iPhone. I know this is all subjective to how you like watching your movies, but I am trying to see what others are doing. I've started ripping and most are around 1Gig each with the video quality 1590-1600Kbps and audio quality of 32 Kbps. Is this too high or low?


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    ic1maleic1male Posts: 121member
    I have been doing some TV shows at 480x320 resolution and they look quite marvellous at just 768kbps with H.264.
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    That (1GB) is huge if the only thing you'll be watching it on is an iPhone or iPod... the advantage is, the same file can be viewed on a TV and look good.

    If you'll only watch it on the iPhone, you should be able to get the file size down to 500MB range and still look decent on an iPhone's small screen. If you ever try to view that on a larger screen, though, it'll likely look like crap.
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