Recessed headphone jack -- why the reversal?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Most people defend actions made by Apple because they supposedly know better than us when it comes to their products. But one decision I have never understood was the recessed headphone jack on the original iPhone.

None of the iPods have it, the iPod touch doesn't have it, so why did the original iPhone -- which was doubling as an MP3 player -- have a recessed headphone jack? And why all of a sudden did they decided to make it flush with the iPhone 3G?

The only reason why I can think that they made it flush with the iPhone 3G was to silence nearly everyone that bitched about it in the first place, but that still doesn't explain the origial intent...


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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    It probably has something to do with the internal design. In this new version it was a priority, so was changed.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,799member
    The changed it because they discovered it was a mistake. They made loads of iPod and never did this before. I never defend stupid ideas, Apple's or anyones. The drop-down door on the Air (to hide the ports) stupid idea, it gets in the way. The might mouse design, stupid idea. Apple has loads of stupid ideas, but they seems to have many more good ones.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Basically it has to do with the initial launch of the iPhone. Apple and Steve himself was pretty freaked out about the idea that if it was a massive failure, Apple would be f*ked. So they did things like contracts, lockdown, limited and very conservative country launches, accessory restrictions etc.

    Now that everybody and his dog wants and iPhone 2G/3G, Apple are free to go back to the kickassery that is Apple's Mac, iPod, iTunes and Software approaches to the market. They still will do weird and quirky things sometimes, but as Ireland mentions, overall things improve and evolve satisfactorily. You must give it to them that Apple generally listens to its existing and emerging customer base. They can't please everyone, but they certainly continue to be more accommodating than in the past.
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