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I just bought my first Mac and I know this use to be made. I need a camera for Video Conferencing and Video chatting. I found some used and new ones on eBay. Was this thing any good? Is Apple coming out with something new?


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    gordygordy Posts: 970member
    There probably won't be a new standalone camera since iSight's are built into most Macs now.
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    The old Apple iSight was and is probably the best webcam ever made.
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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    I don't use web cams at all really. However occasionally i have to and for that i jump on my wife's iMac.

    the big thing i found missing was any control over the cam itself when ambient lighting is ng.

    Until I found iGlasses - don't know if there's anything else out there but that little app's a great help.
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    gordygordy Posts: 970member
    Originally Posted by FuturePastNow View Post

    The old Apple iSight was and is probably the best webcam ever made.

    I have to disagree. First, it isn't true VGA--though it was billed as such. Next, you have to use iGlasses to get a decent image out of the camera. Its integration with Mac OS X (besides its cool design) is the only real selling point for this mediocre camera.

    All that being said, mine still works 4-5 years later.
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