Identifying a memory leak?

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I've noticed that my free memory seems to gradually decline through use to the point where it loads a 128, then 256 then 512Mb swap partition. This is despite only using the same standard apps that include Mail, Firefox 3, Adium, iTunes, Growl (which remain open) and occasionally QuickTime, Preview, Excel and Word 2008, which I then quit after use. Is there any reason I'll have up to 500Mb free after I initially load the apps to then having no free memory after a while of just basic use? Is Firefox 3 a possible culprit? I only have 1Gb and am meaning to get more but I thought 1Gb should be enough for basic use as I've described. I'll try using Safari but I prefer Firefox because of the NoScript plugin that allows me to selectively enable Javascript on webpages. Is there any other way to identify a memory leak?


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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    1) Free memory is wasted memory. Just because it is not marked as "free" does not mean it is not available to programs. There are lots of threads explaining this, please search for one.

    2) Please don't talk about leaks if you don't know what it means. Heavy memory use does not mean leaks.
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