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I was given an ipod from an overseas friend with some great playlists on it. My question is will I lose those playlists if I try and add new music from my own computer.

Would appreciate any input on how to save these existing playlists and continue to add music of my own, seen as the devise is only 1/2 full.

Thanks for any help.


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    Yes, you will lose the playlists and songs on the iPod when you Sync it with the new computer.
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    There are a number of programs that can be used to transfer the music on your iPod to your mac.

    That's one I used several years ago to recover my music when the HD on my iBook died. I'm sure there are a number of others.
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    bclapperbclapper Posts: 237member
    Senuti is good, but is for Macs only
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    "Thanks all!!" for the info. Currently have a PC but have been looking to get a new computer. Looks like I'm buying a Mac. Heard from friends that have them that they a great and more user friendly than a PC anyway. True?

    After using one of the suggested programes, will I then be able to reload the music from the Mac back onto the ipod along with new material?
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    bclapperbclapper Posts: 237member
    Yes and Yes
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