Should I? Or Shouldn't I?

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I have been waiting for a while for the next Macbook release, hoping for its release before September but I have been thinking whether this is a good idea.

The main two reasons I am waiting for the next update of the product is
  1. Altogether faster system

  2. New (hopefully aluminum) case design

I was also wondering because of the new Montevina platform is there an increased chance of problems occurring with a brand-new release or would I be better with the tried-and-tested Penryn platform. Also is there going to be a notable difference between the two performance and longevity wise?

Finally is there a high probability of a new case design?

Do you think I should wait?



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    aapleaaple Posts: 78member
    First of all, Montevina is the platform. The new model will also have Penryn chips...only on Montevina, not Santa Rosa.

    Secondly, Nobody really knows when new ones will be released or how they will be improved.

    Consensus seems to be end of Q3. Case designs seem likely eventually because there have been rumored shipments of Macbook sized aluminum cases and Apple itself has stated that they wish to move towards more eco-friendly materials (ie, not plastic), but it could be now or when they move to Nehalem sometime in '09.

    Performance gains are likely to be modest but noticeable. Again, the big jump is supposedly coming with Nehalem.

    Rev-A models do typically exhibit more problems than others.

    Bottom line, if you're waiting for radical new case designs and significant performance gains, it *could* come this summer (performance gains would be modest)...but it could also be sometime in 2009 before you're done waiting. Depends on how patient you are and by when you need it.
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