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i have a question and would like to get a bit of advice from AI forums:

i'm currently off contract w/ Verizon and am planning on getting an iPhone 3G. i've heard that if you're an existing att customer and you get an iPhone, it renews your contract for 2 years starting when you activate your iphone.

my question is, is there any reason why i wouldn't be able to start a new contract w/ att and get a free/cheap phone (that i could sell/give away) between now and july (or whenever, really) and then get an iPhone 3G (maybe pay activation?) and have a backup phone too?




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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    You may not qualify for the subsidized price if you do that. See here. I'd guess that if you just kept your old phone and contract, it would be fine, but no one knows for sure, so I wouldn't risk it.
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    shoot. well there goes that idea. i'd rather not risk it, especially when if i really need a backup phone i can buy one off ebay for cheaper than that link suggests. i guess att isn't completely clueless sometimes.

    thanks for the info!
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