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My mum's iMac (running 10.5.3) that I help support for her has been suffereing from the previoulsy discussed permissions bug that seems to occur if 10.5 was installed as an upgrade rather than a clean install. I have read the fix is to perform a claen install so that is what I intend to do.

All of her data is safe on her external disk thanks to time machine, however I have not had to do a restore using it before so want to be clear about the process. Once 10.5 is reinstalled how do i get to the data? Will performing a restore restore the permissions problem as well? Am I better off just backing it all up separtely like I would have done pre 10.5? Is this going to be so easy that these questions are all pointless?

Any thoughts appreciated.



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    The most common problem when restoring a computer after corruption is restoring the corruption.

    In your particular situation, since it sounds like Time Machine has never worked, to be 100% safe you should move the data to the backup drive yourself and then format and reinstall Leopard. Move the data back manually and reconfigure Time Capsule
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