What next for the App Store?

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I know we are all focusing on the Apple App Store specifically for the iPhone, but what if its scope is wider than we think.

The delivery process and DRM can be used in iTunes for users to buy Mac and PC software just as easily as iPhone software.

What market opportunites are there for Apple if they open the iTunes App Store for Mac / PC software developers to sell thier applications. It could be a great distribution channel and would generate even more cash for Apple.

They could apply the same deal that they offer for iPhone Apps, Free or 30/70 split. Imagine buying games, widgets and any other app in iTunes.

I think it is the next logical step and could be a huge revenue stream for Apple.


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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    I agree. I think the biggest obstacle would be storage space unless they allowed software sold on the App Store to be housed on external servers. Still, I think the App Store is one of many iPhone advances that will make it to the Mac in the next couple of years.
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