Hooking a G5 to a wireless network using an ethernet cable

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I have two G5s, one next to my ethernet/DSL line which plugs in directly for internet, and a second out in the living room where there is no DSL line. However, the house has wireless via an Extreme and two Xpress socket-plug-ins. My mac guy told me that I should be able to hook the G5 in the living room directly into the Xpress next to it via an ethernet cable (the living room G5 does not have a wireless card in it) and the wireless internet should link up via the Xpress to ethernet cable to living room G5. ? He said to make sure I had the ethernet configure box set to "using DHCP" which it is and it should automatically find the right IP address. When I try it, I get nothing though, just a message that there doesn't seem to be a network connection. Does anyone know if this is really supposed to work


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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    You should be able to get what you want. But I got lost in your setup explanation. Lets see if this is your setup.

    DSL Modem is setup to be your DHCP server.

    G5 #1 is connected directly to your DSL Modem by wire. It connects to the internet via DHCP.

    Extreme BS is connected by wire (WAN port) to the DSL Modem. It is setup to be a bridge and WDS Main.

    Both Expresses connect to wirelessly to the Extreme BS. They are setup as bridges and WDS Remotes.

    G5 #2 is connected to the ethernet port on one of the Expresses. It connects to the internet via DHCP. It should work.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,218moderator
    Is your DSL modem also a router i.e does it have multiple ethernet ports on it?

    If so, the G5 and Base Station are both plugged into the modem.

    Does the other G5 have wireless and if so, can it get onto the network wirelessly?

    If it does have wireless, have you considered switching the G5s round or even just the wireless card?
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