Would this be possible.?

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I'm sure there are many with my dilemma. I have a mac and a pc. I need the contacts and calendar from both on my iPhone. For the PC I use Outlook and address book and iCal on the mac. I don't want to sync the to just allow both to be on the iPhone.

The music and photo's will come from the mac.

Is help out there??




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    ajpriceajprice Posts: 320member
    MobileMe, when its activated, will sync contacts, calendar and mail between iPhone, Mac and PC, Mac OS X Address Book, iCal, PC Outlook and web. It also deals with images and your iDisk.


    Music would be synced using iTunes on your Mac or PC, and your iPhone. I don't think its possible to sync iTunes between 2 computers, syncing between a Mac and PC would be more difficult. You could store your library on one of the computers, then connect to it with the other as a shared library.
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